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Have you ever noticed that when you wake up in the morning, your stomach tends to be flatter?

Ahh… if only it would stay that way. But no… the moment you eat, the belly gets bloated. The question now is – why does one’s stomach seem flatter after a night’s rest?

The answer is simple. Your body is in a fasted state. Since you’re not consuming any food, the metabolic processes in your body use up the food in your stomach as fuel to repair the body.

These days, sleep disorders are at an all-time high. Living in a stressful society can take a toll on your mind and millions of people find it hard to switch off at night so that they can doze of easily.

Over the past couple of years, one particular weight loss product has skyrocketed in popularity. It’s called Resurge and it has sold thousands and thousands of bottles.

What’s interesting is that Resurge does not make bold claims about boosting your metabolism or overnight weight loss. Instead, it states that it’ll help you sleep – and when you sleep, your body will lose weight much faster.

Let’s see what this product is all about…

The Good Points:

1) Resurge is made with organic natural ingredients in an FDA-approved facility. It’s safe to consume and has hardly any side effects.

If you did a Google search for ‘Resurge label’, you’d see the ingredients mentioned: magnesium, zinc, L-arginine, melatonin, ashwagandha, etc. All these are very beneficial to your overall health.

2) While you could purchase these ingredients as separate supplements and consume them, it’ll not be as effective as Resurge, which is a proprietary blend.

A recipe in the hands of a chef becomes a tasty meal. In the hands of a beginner, it’ll be a bland dish. The ingredients may be the same, but it’s the quantities and the ‘secret sauce’ which makes all the difference. That’s why Resurge is an online bestseller for years. It works!

3) What’s interesting here is the way the ingredients are combined. The 50 mg of magnesium will help you sleep like a baby – but you don’t want to wake up groggy. Don’t worry, you won’t. The 15 mg of zinc will ensure that your mind is alert and ready to start the day when you wake up. Brilliant!

4) The ashwagandha in the pill will help to reduce your stress levels. It has been shown that stress is the root cause of many diseases. Resurge doesn’t just help you lose weight. By de-stressing your mind and body, it’ll boost your immunity too. Ashwagandha has also been shown to aid with sleep.

5) If you suffer from anxiety, the L-Theanine in resurge will calm you down, while the arginine and lysine will give you a deeper and more restful sleep.

6) Consuming Resurge is easy. Just take 4 capsules with water an hour before bed. It’s best to avoid screen time during the hour preceding bedtime. This will help you get the most out of Resurge. The blue light emitted by digital devices will interfere with your sleep.

7) The video on the official website is long and dramatic. However, it does show many proven success stories of people who have tried Resurge. This is all the social proof you need to know that it works.

8) We’ll be frank here. At $49 per bottle, it is a little pricey. However, if you order 3 bottles, you’ll get a discount and the price drops to $39/bottle. Order 6 bottles and the prices drops further to $29 a bottle.

Ideally, you should be taking Resurge for 90 to 180 days to truly benefit from it. So the 6-bottle pack is the best deal, or at minimum, get 3 bottles for a better deal.

9) Resurge is covered by a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. There’s zero risk for you. In fact, you’ll see results on the very first day you use it. You’ll definitely fall asleep more easily and sleep better too.

It’ll take you a bit more time to lose the weight… but 60-days is long enough to see weight loss results too. You can definitely give Resurge a try without worrying that it won’t work and you’ll lose money. You won’t. The refund policy has your covered.

10) All in all, this product helps you sleep better, accelerates weight loss, de-stresses you, boosts your immunity, etc. What more could one ask for?

The Bad Points:

1) Resurge works, but it’s not a miracle weight loss solution. The hype on the sales page may have you believing that you can sleep your fat away. This is not true.

You’ll accelerate your weight loss with Resurge, but you’ll still need to be at a caloric deficit and at least engage in some exercise 3X a week to get your metabolism going.

2) This product should not be consumed by pregnant or nursing mothers. Before you try Resurge, do bring the bottle to your doctor so that he/she can confirm that it’s ok for you to take it. In most cases, it’ll be fine and you get the go ahead. But it helps to be sure.

3) Resurge is only available online. There’s shipping time involved. You can expect to wait 3-5 days to get your package. Do pay attention to your supply so you can order in advance if your pills are about to finish.

Should You Get It?

If you have problems sleeping, Resurge has your name written all over it. This product works and you just have to try it to know.

While you’ll still need to watch your diet and exercise if you wish to lose weight, sleep is a crucial factor too. If you’re tossing and turning in bed all night, you’ll not be well-rested the next day – and your workouts will suffer.

Not only will your body be more stressed, but it will develop strong food cravings at night. This is why people binge eat late in the night under the dim light of their refrigerator – and feel guilty afterwards.

They should be sleeping! But they’re awake.

Resurge will prevent you from being in such a situation. It’ll help you achieve your weight loss dreams – by first getting you to sleep. Test it out and you’ll be amazed at how well it works.

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